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In 5 minutes, discover how AI optimization can revolutionize your revenue generation and safeguard your inventory. Learn how you can benefit from real-time flooring optimized for Prebid, Amazon A9, Open Bidding, and AdX, ensuring your ad inventory is never undervalued.



Sneak Peaks: What you will Discover

Watch our demo videos to start playing a new game: with a fully automated and holistic revenue optimization system, set smart floors in real-time on impression level with the user's CPM and dynamically adjust to market value to boost revenue.


Real-time: Setting up Smart Floors on Impression Level with User CPM

Length: 1:07


How Yield Optimizer Adjusts floor prices to current market value

Length: 1:19


How to Generate & Measure Uplifts in Yield Optimizer

Length: 0:59


What Sets Yield Optimizer Apart?

Length: 0:50


Accessing Visits-Based Revenue Analysis on Yield Optimizer

Length: 1:05

Something Powerful

Customer Using AY Yield Optmizer

“But Assertive Yield was able to actually predict the revenue that we would have made real-time, which also helps us be that little bit more reactive when it comes to making decisions based on A/b tests”

Asher Glinsman

Head of Monetization - Boons Media

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