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Learn how to control, and report your ad stack from a single interface by empowering your team to easily test scenarios, preview and evaluate the financial impact and make assertive decisions. At a granular level in real-time!


What is AY Yield Manager?

Length: 0:58


Ad Placements & Personalization in YM

Length: 0:43


What is Full Version Control in Yield Manager?

Length: 0:21


How to Perform Real-time A/B Tests in Minutes with Yield Manager

Length: 0:52


How Does Yield Manager Handle Risks on Ad Inventory?

Length: 1:19


Website Management with Variables  & Controlled Deployments

Length: 1:45


Get Real-time Alerts on Tests In Minutes.

Length: 0:37


How to Create No-Code Custom Variables in Yield Manager

Length: 1:23

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“We don't hesitate to implement A/B tests dimension. This meant that we could kind of split our users' tests into versions, but also, if you can create it on the page, you can pause it on assertive yields, and you'll be able to just analyze it. So, we've created custom dimensions for all things, such as template layouts and even demographic, and I think we have started to implement.”

Asher Glinsman

Head of Monetisation - Boons Media

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