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How to Access Real-time Revenue Predictions

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How does AY uses 3rd Party-Data?

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 How AY Normalizes Different Timezones Data Report

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How Management & Financial Teams use the AY Platform

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How AdOps and Editorial teams use AY platform

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 How Reliable is the AY Platform

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What's the Latency of AY Data Tracking

Length: 0:44


How Management & Financial Teams use the AY Platform

Length: 0:34

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Customer Using Yield Analytics

"We've been able to analyze and then roll out the impact of several tests, which have led to a drastic increase in revenue per session of up to 15 and 20% of the time. Because of that ability to really just analyze all of our integrations in one place.”

Asher Glinsman

Head of Monetisation - Boons Media

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