Traffic Shaping

Higher profitability with lower cost

Safely maximize revenue within QPS thresholds with machine learning and real-time user profiles.  Reduce and manage the QPS that you are sending upstream to your partners without sacrificing scale for clients.

Traffic Shaping

Sneak Peaks

Learn how AY Traffic Shaping can double or triple your results


What is AY Traffic Shaping

Length: 1:18


How Does AY Traffic Shaping work

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Advantages of AY Traffic Shaping

Length: 1:13


How AY Traffic Shaping optimizes QPS - Part 1

Length: 0:40


How AY Traffic Shaping optimizes QPS - Part 2

Length: 0:54


Setting-up AY Traffic Shaping Integration

Length: 1:46


What Sets Us Apart

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How AY Traffic Shaping Handles Bid Request Limitations

Length: 1:20

And much more...

Customer Story

"Using Assertive Yield, we were able to reduce our overall QPS on average by about 30%, without sacrificing campaign delivery. Assertive Yield has also been really receptive to any and all side projects and initiatives that we've brought their way, which has been really great for our partnership”

Kara Petrocelli

Senior Director of Platform Operations - Gumgum Inc.

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