Monetization Playbook

Effortlessly integrate all aspects of your monetization operations, 
providing a unified source of truth for all your teams: Programmatic & RevOps, 
Product, Management, Developers, Finance & Accounting, Editorial, 
Sales, and Audience Scaling. 

Transform your teams into a real-time, agile, and data-driven powerhouse!


This Playbook carters to these teams 

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Programmatic & RevOps

Empower your team to maximize performance, prevent confirmed click penalties, implement effective floor pricing, and more to boost revenue!

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Discover how to Boost RPV & Retention through A/B/n Testing, Optimal Ad Stack, Prebid Bidder Optimization, and Real-Time Monitoring of Errors and Web Core Vitals!

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Access real-time granular data insights into programmatic revenue, site performance, best practices for revenue optimization and so much more! 

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Build the Optimal ad stack, easily monitor core web vitals and errors that are affecting monetization in real-time, and so much more!

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Finance & Accounting

Easily monitor changes, simplify end-of-month reconciliations, maintain accurate bid adjustments in prebid with an enhanced alert system, and more!

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Uncover unique metrics & data sets to enhance your content strategy while analyzing traffic & revenue by author, site section, or article.

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Empower your team with intuitive dashboards that optimize campaign performance, alerts for swift action, granular inventory insights, and much more.

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Audience Scaling

Using detailed dashboards, determine campaigns’ ROI performance in real time! By analyzing this data, start spending on the inventory that is getting higher ROI. 

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