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Shaping a Greener Future for Programmatic

A complete overview of Green Programmatic Advertising. Discover the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in the supply path towards a greener operation. 

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About the eBook

Do you know how the advertising industry is managing its carbon footprints? How does it impact the programmatic ecosystem? Find out more about the adoption of urgent actions and solutions available towards the decarbonization of the supply path.

Consumer's Scenario
How are consumers behaving towards sustainable media advertising, and how are they influencing climate actions in the industry?

Buy-Side Scenario
Learn more about how the buy-side plays a crucial role in promoting and supporting green media and sustainability in the ecosystem through Advertisers and DSPs. 

Sell-Side Scenario
For the sell-side to completely go green, it requires  a combination of resources, technical expertise, and a willingness to optimize their processes and tools.


Understanding Green Advertising

From reduced creative weights to choice of Ad formats and traffic optimization, Advertisers operational improvements have  positive impact on the environment. In this chapter, there's a comprehensive overview of the current scenario. 


Consumer Behaviour Towards Green Advertising

Adtech Green Experts demonstrate that green platforms are more compelling to customers. Is it possible to have both: maximize advertising ROI whilst also operating with the best green practices? Let's find out!


Green Programmatic  Challenges & Solutions

Machine learning to optimize customer profile and traffic costs can significantly contribute to a greener AdOps. Discover the greener future of the programmatic ecosystem, and its supply path  optimization

Shaping a Greener Future for Programmatic

A typical ad campaign produces approximately 5.4 tons of CO2, but a programmatic ad impression makes about one gram of CO2. Multiply it by the trillions of ad impressions traded yearly, and you have a serious problem. So how do we maintain the best green practices whilst maximizing advertising ROI?"

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