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Get empowered with 13 unbeatable ways to skyrocket revenue and enhance user experience


Maximize Revenue Performance

Uncover granular analysis, find the best performance in revenue from programmatic partners, the % of partners who contributed to the total inventory, and more!


Optimal Ad Stack
to Grow Revenue

Building an optimal ad stack is now made easy! Unlock how to seamlessly monetize your website with a single JavaScript on the page!


Boost RPV & Retention with A/B/n Testing

Full autonomy to test many variables - SSPs, video players, even external solutions - at the same time. Get great results in less than 1 hour without touching a single to the code on your website. 


Get the most of Industry benchmark

With insightful dashboards gain valuable data to help your monetization strategy and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving digital advertising landscape.


Prebid Vendor
Performance Boosting

Assess the performance of all Prebid vendors, ensure that the Prebid setup is functioning optimally, and identify crucial KPIs that could affect performance.


Financial Reporting & SSP Discrepancies Monitoring

Easily monitor changes, simplify end-of-month reconciliations, maintain accurate bid adjustments in Prebid with an enhanced alert system, and more!         


Boost Content Revenue & User Experience 

Improve your content strategy backed with data! Use customized dashboards to assess content performance, revenue split out by author, site section, article, and more! 


AI Floor-Pricing: Faster Loading & Maximum Revenue 

Extract better revenue yield by monitoring, automatically adjusting, and setting up practical floors to optimize fill rate and RPM based on seasonality, geo, and more! 


Web Core Vitals: Monitoring & Improving

Get valuable metrics that will engage users and drive conversions! From page loading speed to interactivity & visual stability, get key metrics on what’s working! 


Confirmed Click Penalty: Prevention & Reporting

Uncover how to avoid the two-click penalty with real-time alerting, custom metrics, granular reporting, and more to easily minimize the impact on revenue.


Errors Impacting Monetization: Monitoring in Real-time 

Get notified with the speed of light with real-time alerts! Monitor and act on broken lines of code, crashes, or even busted APIs before they affect your revenue! 


Monitoring Direct Campaigns

With a holistic overview of impressions delivered to date across different inventories, ensure that the direct advertiser receives the right number of impressions. Be reliable, be trusted! 


Grow Traffic With Audience Scaling

Determine campaigns’ ROI performance in real-time! By analyzing this data and more, start spending on the inventory that is bringing the highest ROI. 

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