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ChatGTP, AI, and Machine Learning

While ChatGPT is dominating the news cycle, we are exploring what the recent uprising in AI means for the publisher. From the perspective of generating SEO traffic, to how it can affect journalism work. Will we see more AI tools supporting good journalism or will these lead to worse content quality? Should we be able to block AI scrapers with robots.txt?


Green Revolution In Programmatic

In a world where brands are buying electric trucks for their transport and invoices on paper seem like a thing of the past, it only makes sense that they utilize greener ads as well. Is the industry ready for this though? Can we measure where the Carbon footprint is happing across a long supply chain?


Cookieless Future

Third-party cookies are set to be depreciated in 2024 in Google Chrome. While this is already the case for browsers like Safari and Firefox, the market is yet to gather around a universal solution to replace the cookies. Some of the alternatives seem to be even worse when it comes to protecting the privacy and they do not come with an opt-out. Others like contextual are gathering more steam ahead. Will we see more value for iOS users as compared to Android by the end of this year?


Google’s Recent Updates & Impact on Pubs

While Microsoft is challenging Google on the search front with the battle between ChatGPT and Bard, there are bigger trends with the company, that we have chosen to take a look at. On the measurement from we are to see the depreciation of Google Universal analytics for its successor GA4, which is not so well welcomed. Although some might argue it's still better. Meanwhile, the US Department of Justice is going after Google's ads business in pursuit to break what it calls to be a monopoly. And on top of that - AMP, the ecosystem that worked well for driving traffic to publishers in the past is losing its ground.


Prebid & Programmatic Market 

While CTV is the format that dominates the growth of the programmatic industry in the US, smaller SSPs are winning on the video-in-banner front, challenging Tier 1 rivals. Outside of US and EU programmatic is getting stronger in the APAC. And we are seeing a consolidation in the market, while many players are trying to diversify and offer more and more services outside of their core business. We are asking - will the cookie depreciation lead to e-commerce businesses buying niche websites because of the auditories they've built?


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